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Australian Visa Rule Change | Education loan disbursement | ILW Overseas Education Consultants
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Australian Visa Rule Change | Education loan disbursement

As per the new Australian visa regulations / visa requirements, if the student is taking an education loan from an acceptable financial Institution to show finances for the Australian student visa, it will only be considered if the evidence of disbursement of loan is provided at the time of visa application/lodgement based on following condition:

  • Where the education loan relates to tuition fees that will be paid directly to the education provider, disbursement according to the agreement with the education provider, financial institution and student should be provided. For example, this may be for the first semester’s tuition. Information about the terms of the loan, including any conditions around disbursement, should also be attached to the application
  • If the education loan includes living expenses, students should preferably consider showing that the first 12 months of these funds have been disbursed. Alternatively, they could consider showing alternative source of funds to cover the first year of living costs
  • Thus, if the student is taking an education loan and can manage to only get disbursement of first semester tuition fee from it, he/she will have to show funds to support his/her living expenses for one year, OSHC for entire duration and travel expenses AUD 2200 from other sources (acceptable source and sponsors)
  • If they want whole loan amount to be considered to show both living, tuition fee for one year, for OSHC and travel, then they need to disburse the equivalent amount from loan