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What is ILW?

ILW is a boutique education consultancy based in Mumbai that guides students to make their career, both in India and abroad. We specialize in:

  • Study Abroad Consulting: Facilitating the entire study abroad process and seeking admission in to Universities abroad – USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Dubai, Mauritius, Philippines – for all study levels including A Levels, Undergraduate, Postgraduate (incl. MBA), PhD
  • Career Counselling: Identifying the best or the most appropriate career paths that students need to take through our career testing and counselling services
  • Profile Building: We offer concrete advice on profile development, subject selection, standardized testing, summer schools, activities students must do during their School & College, etc. at any time in the process to both – develop a rewarding career in India or getting ready to submit a superior application to Universities abroad

How is ILW different from other counselling services or education consulting firms?

Ask any of our students or their parents that we have helped over the last 15 years or more, there is one common answer that you shall receive from all about us – “they’re are extremely personal in their approach”. At the same time, they would say that the entire process of counselling, applications, final decision-making, help with scholarships, etc. was seamlessly and professionally done.

We believe that each student’s profile, strengths, weaknesses, goals, and interests are different. There could thus be no common solution for all. We are dedicated to offering the best possible advice to students and parents with guidance throughout the process whilst adhering to strict ethical principals. As specialists, ILW understands the specific challenges of applying to top tier schools.

Try and book one counselling session with Vishal Badani or with one of his team members and enjoy the difference yourself

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How soon should I begin the counselling?

So, when should you contact us!

Many parents would contact us as early as when their kid is in grade 7. We offer advice on profile development, subject selection, standardized testing, summer schools, activity participation, etc. at any time in the process.

We advise parents and students follow these guidelines about when they should ideally contact us:

  • Studying Abroad: At least one year in advance to when the student is planning to go abroad especially for Masters level studies. In case of US education consulting for undergrad students, the best time to reach out to us 1.5 to 2 years in advance. It just allows us to share enhanced pieces of advice that can help students build their profile
  • Profile Development: Connect with us when the student is in grade 8 and if you have missed doing that, then during or immediately after grade 10
  • Career Testing: Pretty much anytime after grade 7. We get students who are unsure of their career paths even during their final year of undergraduate studies in India or some who are already doing their Masters. There are different tests for different age groups
  • Confusion about Different Education Boards: Most parents would only realize this when their kids have appeared for grade 10 examination. The best time to contact an education counsellor is before or during grade 10. We understand that this decision-making is the most nerving for parents given the number of study options you have: SSC, CBSE, IGCSE, MYP, IBDP, CIE, IIT Prep Colleges
  • Selecting between Arts, Science and Commerce: We understand this is where it all begins irrespective of the education board you select. You must connect with us in grade 7 preferably. If you have missed that bus, then really anytime until your grade 10 results come out, you MUST at least take one chance to understand what best can be done

Do you help with essay writing when applying abroad?

Yes. We completely assist you with the “editing” of the Essays or Personal Statement (or Statement of Purpose). We do not “write” the essays for you. We do not even recommend that since essay prompts are topical questions and are open ended (not necessarily academic) and thus it allows students to come up with their own version. We however very critically present our reviews, recommend on what changes could be made based on the students’ profile and skills, help with limitless iterations (indeed! there is not limit), brainstorm on concepts and help you come up better ideas and more. And if we believe the essay that you have written can simply be rejected, we personally make you write the essays, while we are discussing the ideas.

We also encourage students to provide us with different versions to the same essay question, just so that we get to know the student better and/or check the suitability of answer to the essay prompt.

We crystallize your essays, help you set better goals, make your path more concrete.

You must check with our past MBA, MS and undergraduate applicants, and they would say that we are brilliant at our essay editing service.

Do you help with admissions in India?

No. We do not help with School or College admissions in India. During our counselling session (s), we guide you what should the best stream you should select, what Schools or Colleges you should study in for your course, or what shifts you can make between streams (Arts, Science, Commerce) or between different education boards (CBSE, IB, CIE, etc.).

And for students who are considering both, studying India and/or abroad, we can help entirely with the process of studying abroad (right from start to end in the process). Many a times, students need back up options either in India or Abroad – we help in planning the entire journey! (and help you in the final decision-making when more than one offer is available)

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