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Tasneem Gandhi

ILW is Fantastic! Hafeezan and Indrani Ma’am have not just helped me select universities, but have shaped my future by showing me the exact courses I am really keen about. I’m so grateful to them for all their help and patience to answer all my doubts. When i first interacted with Hafeezan ma’am over a skype call, I knew she understood my needs and confusion about which course I was looking for. She was patient and waited till the time I got back to her. I’m glad to be supervised by her and Indrani ma’am, they are the best counsellors I have ever met! Thank you so much for giving me your time and providing me with the best of options... including all the criteria stated by my mother!

From: Manipal College of Pharmaceutcals Sciences
To: St John's University, USA
Course Name: MS Industrial and Physical Pharmacy & Cosmetic Sciences


Divya Mody

ILW is simply great! When I first came in, McMaster University wasn’t even on my radar. I was already done with most of my University applications and just wanted seek further guidance. I am so, so glad I did! Mr. Vishal guided me so well and ensured that I apply to McMaster. When I got into NYU SPS as well as McMaster, it was him my dad and I turned to for advice. After taking the final call, when the dreadful visa application process was looming over me, it was the guidance and diligence of Hafeezan that got me through. She had my back and worked on the visa application even on a Sunday and during Eid. That’s a lot to ask from her, but she did it anyway. I would have been completely lost without her! Thank you so much for putting in all the work.

From: Mithibai College of Arts
To: McMaster University, Canada
Course Name: MBA Co-oP


Arshad Shaikh

The help ILW gave me was fantastic! First of all hats off to Hafeezan Ma’am for making me feel this difficult application process is like a piece of cake. She answered all my doubts with such ease and patience which is a remarkable thing. Moreover ILW made my dream come true. Also a big thank you to Vishal Sir for his support and help. Finally I will cherish this endeavour forever in my life. Getting in to the No. 1 University in Canada was a dream. Thank you to the entire team of ILW.

From: M.H. Saboo Siddik College of Engineering
To: University of Toronto, Canada
Course Name: MEng Mechanical & Industrial Engineering


Trixy Vaz

Having done a BSc Zoology, I wasn't sure what to do for my Master's. A Counseling session with Neha helped me select Immunology. ILW made my applications to NUI Galway and TCD. It was almost like a dream - I was able to select my course, select my universities, submit my applications, get a great offer, and am now just awaiting my visa decision. It all happened quickly and effortlessly with ILW.

From: Sathaye College
To: Trinity College Dublin
Course Name: MSc Immunology


Sayalee Tirodkar

Studying in Ireland was not something I had considered before I got in touch with Purvi at ILW. While I was confused about what to study, she helped me understand all the requirements and improved my Personal Statement significantly. ILW got me multiple offers from DIT and UCD which I found to be among the best options. Unfortunately, I could not take up those offers because of personal reasons, but I will try with ILW again in January to finally begin my program in Fall 2018. I suggest everyone come to ILW once to understand the best way forward with their studies abroad. They don't force you into a program or university like other consultancies to, rather they genuinely help you figure out which is the best option for you.

From: Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology
To: Undecided
Course Name:


Riddhi Dagli

Honestly, it was being displeased with my other USA Counselors that led me to find Vishal Sir through extended family friends. Since he's an expert in overseas education, and frankly the best education consultant in Mumbai in my opinion, when he suggested I take a look at Ireland, my family and I delved into research. He helped me understand both US and Ireland and the benefits of each over the other. In the last bit that I had approached him, he also authoritatively confirmed that he can help me get offers from US Universities too for the same intake. His team got me offers from Dublin City University, University College Cork, and Griffith College Dublin. They solved all the queries my family and I raised, and made my work so much easier! They put me in touch with several of their students in Ireland making my life so easy. Definitely recommend ILW to all.

From: Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology
To: Dublin City University
Course Name: MSc Computing (Data Analytics)


Priyabrata Naik

When my brother went to the Education in Ireland fair in Mumbai, he met Neha from ILW at the UCC counter who gave him info on Masters in Ireland. Since this was the only place I wanted to go to, Neha helped me with my application and SOP. I was so happy to get an offer. I then got the necessary IELTS score and Neha counseled me for the visa process too. While I am going this year, my brother himself will also join me in the next year most likely, along with another one of our friends - and ALL of us will use ILW itself. Thanks for your fantastic guidance Neha Ma'am.

From: Synergy Institute of Engineering & Technology, Orissa
To: University College Cork
Course Name: MSc Business Information and Analytical Systems


Meet Gangar

My friend Bhumit suggested ILW to me because he got an offer from Griffith College Limerick through them. We have both studied our undergrad in computer applications through distance education so we were not finding universities that would allow us to study full time Masters. Purvi did my application to Griffith College itself for 2 of the programs I liked in Network & Info Security and Cloud Computing and I got an admission for both! The admissions head of the university also came to their office to meet students, but I could not meet him. ILW did not take charges as they represent many universities in Ireland, and they were quick in putting the application and getting the decision too. Thanks for the help guys.

From: Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya
To: Griffith College Limerick
Course Name: MSc Cloud Computing
Scholarship: 500 EUR


Kunal Choksi

My friend suggested I visit Purvi at ILW because I was having trouble with my Master's abroad. I took a years drop after school and have completed my 12th and UG degree by distance education. I wanted to study Management in USA but was not sure how to go about the process. ILW explained the difficulties of an offer from US and gave me a different option - Ireland. I didn't know anything about this place, so Purvi gave me all the information I needed and I searched online to read more. When I realized just how good it was, I told them to go ahead quickly for Sept 2017 itself. She applied to Griffith College in Dublin, Ireland for me and I was given my letter of acceptance the very next week! ILW has also helped me with all the files and financials needed for the Ireland Student Visa, and I'm waiting for my decision on the same. They connected me with others going to Ireland and I was happy to find that another one of my schoolmates from Utpal Shanghavi is also going to Dublin through ILW. I definitely recommend that you come to ILW for help with studying abroad, because they will guide with all the right information and do as much as they can for you, making the process stress-free.

From: Vinayaka Missions University
To: Griffith College Dublin
Course Name: MSc/MBA in International Business Management
Scholarship: 500 EUR


Bhumit Botadra

Studying a Master's abroad is an important step for my career, and I was having a hard time with the admissions because I have completed my BCA degree through distance education. My friend Pratik Shah told me that ILW had helped him get an offer for MSc in UK, so I contacted Purvi. She told me about Griffith College in Ireland, coordinated for my application and I got an offer for the MSc in Network and Information Security! Beyond this, the visa process for Ireland involves a lot of paperwork, and ILW has helped me with that too. Since I was having some trouble with finances, Purvi was able to get the documentation I needed from the College to help me with my education loan process too. Whatever problems I have faced, I have gotten some solution from ILW, so if you're looking to study abroad, this is the best option in Mumbai!

From: Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya
To: Griffith College Limerick
Course Name: MSc Network and Information Security
Scholarship: 500 EUR


Saumil Mathuria

After Neha handled my applications, offers came pouring in from University College Dublin, University College Cork, Dublin Businees School and Dublin City University. Spoiled for choice, Neha and Vishal Sir counseled me, helping me pick UCD as my Master's destination. From filling my online applications to improving my essays SOP and letters of recommendation to checking my documents for the confusing visa process, ILW has been excellent in their service. Did I mention they did all this for free?

From: Amruthben Jivanlal College of Commerce and Economics (Mithibai)
To: University College Dublin (UCD)
Course Name: MSc in Finance


Janvi Mehta

Vishal Badani is a great education counselor, who even guided my twin sister Janki to the UK for her Master's and my elder sister Hemali to the USA. He guided me to try Ireland for my Master's in Finance because of the booming economy post-Brexit. After my applications and offers, it was obvious that I would go to TCD - the No. 1 B-School in Ireland. The team at ILW has been very helpful and the option to study in Ireland was not even something I had considered earlier, though it seems like the best fit now! That is actually the best part at ILW I think - Vishal Sir recommends and helps choose the best study option based on an individual's academic marks, future goals, course choice, and ability to cope with the program. His team and he would get in to lenthy discussions to ensure the best gets out of every student. Thanks again Vishal Sir and team! You are the best education counsellor.

From: RA Podar College of Commerce & Economics
To: Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
Course Name: MSc in Finance


Chirag Podar

I actually only wanted to apply to USA, so ILW helped me with my applications there. Vishal Badani guided me for studies in Ireland, which was a whole new destination to me. They helped me with the cost, requirements, IELTS, scholarships, and visa for Ireland too. Thank you to ILW for giving me all the information and helping me for both USA and Ireland with perfect counseling!

From: SAP Labs Pvt. Ltd.
To: University College Dublin
Course Name: MSc Computer Science
Scholarship: 3000 EUR


Siddhi Suchak

ILW made me apply to LSE. That was enough. They had complete information on how to go about the application process, what may be reviewed carefully in my profile, how to present the complete profile. Hardly, any UK education consultants I went to carried so much of useful information and further, one needs help too. ILW was there all the way and I thank the team for helping me study at one of the best Universities there could ever be, LSE. ILW indeed is the best UK education consultants in Mumbai!

From: Mithibai College of Arts, Mumbai
To: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Course Name: MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology


Nikhil Prashar

Vishal Sir and ILW have been very helpful and caring for my MS in US applications. Thank you to Binsy, for making my applications and documentation easier since I was studying and interning! Also thank you Purvi for making the F1 Visa process and documents simpler. I recommend ILW in Mumbai to everyone who wishes to study in USA. Whether you yourself are in Mumbai or not, they will help you efficiently. There were several options I wanted to consider during the process, whether to stay back for a few years and work in India and then go, or selecting the right course, between software engineering or computer science, Vishal Sir and team guided me perfectly. While I was worried about my admissions, I ended up securing $20000 scholarship for each year at Syracuse! ILW has the best team and are the best education counsellors for USA.

From: Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka
To: Syracuse University, USA
Course Name: MS in Software Engineering
Scholarship: $20000 x 2 (each year)


Henyl Shah

You'll are a WOW team! What excellent help I have received for my US applications. Given my profile, Vishal Sir said that they will not want to shortlist any SAFE Universities. In fact after scoring a 323 in GRE, I wanted to appear for the test again since I was expecting higher. He insisted that I should not be attempting a GRE again and he was confident that I would get top University offers. Well, I did get in to the likes of UMich Ann Arbor, Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering, Purdue, TAMU, USC, Georgia Tech and of course Columbia University - that was my dream Uni! The help with SOP was great. Each and every word of it was read and edited and that is for all SOPs. There was no limit in the number of changes to the SOPs and scholarship essays. The ideas they would come up with during the entire US application process will surprise you. I knew some of my friends at College I was in who had better scores than mine, but they did not get through. We were all using the help of different counsellors and I know the kind of work ILW team puts in. To add, I was with them for over a year and I was away in Vellore. Everything was done online over emails, phones, chats, etc. My entire family as well as extended family seeks out for Vishal Sir's counselling only. And its great to stay in touch with him! He would continue to send useful information even after I left and would stay connected. ILW is the best education consultancy for studying in the USA. Wherever you are in India, you must get counselled by Vishal Badani at least once and see the difference!

From: Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT University), Vellore
To: Columbia University, USA
Course Name: Construction Engineering and Management (MS)
Scholarship: $20000


Akash Parekh

ILW has been a brilliant experience! I heard about this education consultancy from my friend Aashay. He told me how the counselors are helpful and help you with the entire process - from GRE to visa. I have been in touch with Vishal, Neha and Purvi throughout my process. This has just been an easy step to the admission process for MS in US and for my career plans.

From: Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering (DJSCOE)
To: Northeastern University
Course Name: MS Industrial Engineering


Mohit Dave

Words are less when I have to rate ILW. Given my requirements, ILW researched on about 8 countries for me to find the exact program that I wanted. My family and I were very keen on Germany, but there was only one programme at Aachen University that I wanted. So we applied to only 1 University in Germany, 1 in Netherlands (TU Delft), and all others in the USA. Given my grades, several consultants told me that I should not even be trying Germany. However, Vishal Sir pushed me to apply and take a chance. He in fact personally looked in to my applications. And Neha mam - your help was exceptional. The editing of the SOP and several essays was done brilliantly. Every little query about studying abroad was solved at ILW. The best part is, there is no limit to the number of changes you can make to an SOP. Rather, the team at ILW only keeps coming with better versions and updates. I think they are completely focussed on bringing the best out of a student. I was thrilled when I got Penn State offer. And TU Delft was my second option after Aachen. I got an offer from TU Delft too. While we considering to accept that, the team asked me to keep waiting until we hear from RWTH Aachen. And it happened. I got the exact Masters programme that I ever wanted to study because the content of it was exactly what I wanted to help my future plans. I am so lucky that I selected ILW as my consulting firm. I will recommended everyone that if you are looking at studying abroad, you must go to ILW at least once and see the difference! Thank you all at ILW! I will keep harrowing you with many more queries 🙂

From: DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering (DJSCE), Mumbai
To: RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Course Name: MSc Electrical Power Engineering
Scholarship: Full Funded Program #hurray!


Jayesh Iyer

Before I went to ILW, I was very confused about my future plan! Vishal methodically helped me plan my goals and helped me with applying to the US and Germany. The team at ILW is very personal. Their help was what got me to Germany. I even secured a 50% scholarship on my Masters. ILW is the best consultancy for Germany and US. I am sure they are equally good at all other countries too. Their process is very straightforward and they help with everything in the process. Their essay editing team is brilliant. Thanks ILW

From: M L Dahanukar College of Commerce, Mumbai
To: WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany
Course Name: Master in Management
Scholarship: 50% Scholarship


Noopur Parikh

I would sincerely like to thank everyone at ILW for helping me out every step of the way in this long, tedious procedure of applying for Masters. Forever encouraging and highly motivating, they gave me the confidence to apply to universities I never would have dreamed to apply to and it feels great to have been accepted at one of my most ambitious universities, with their unwavering support and guidance. I would like to thank Neha M'am and Vishal Sir for their abundant faith in me and for their intensive, personalized efforts to make sure everything goes smoothly and efficiently.

From: Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai
To: Cornell University, USA
Course Name: MS Information Systems (MIS)


Mansi Patil

I am very thankful to Neha mam for her help. I had some really top offers from various UK Universities. ILW categorically helped me select Cranfield University which turned out to be the best choice. From filling in the applications, to improving my SOP, resume, scholarship application, providing mock interview rounds, and also helping me meet representatives from various UK Universities, the support was simply phenomenal. I recommend everyone to go to ILW at least once before finalizing their counsellors.

From: HR College of Commerce and Economics (Mumbai)
To: Cranfield University (School of Management)
Course Name: MSc Strategic Marketing
Scholarship: 5000 Pounds


Amogh Trimbakkar

Great Service! I was with ILW for 2 years. First I was trying for another country and then started with the US process. I had offers in both years. US applications is a long process. They were very patient and helped with each and every query I had. Because I was working, it gets difficult to manage the US admission process. However, they were there at every stage to assist. I had 7+ offer from different Universities across the world. I selected the US because it is indeed a land of opportunities. Thanks ILW!

From: Working since 5 years
To: University of Texas at Dallas
Course Name: MS Information Systems and Technology



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