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Admission Process - USA

Studying in the US can involve the following:

Test: Appearing for your tests like GMAT / GRE / SAT / TOEFL / IELTS. You must know which test is applicable for you and should appear for it timely

How we help:

  • We conduct coaching for you (Quick Info.: GMAT training can take 2 to 3 months; prepare for GMAT accordingly)
  • We assist in registering you for the test dates
  • We provide mock tests (if required)

To know which test to appear for, please refer to the tests required section


University Selection: Selection of right course at the right Universities is the key since US has over 4000 Institutions and every application costs money (like a. application fees which can be between $ 50 to $ 150 in most cases, b. courier charges (of sending your application documents to each University which could be Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 + per School), c. sending your GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT II subject test scores to each University, where applicable). This can be as much as spending Rs 5000 to Rs 6000 per University while only making applications. You may decide to apply to Harvard University and MIT, but if you apply to 8 Harvards (meaning all top Universities in US), you know what can happen, don't you?

How we help:

  • We identify the correct mix (course + universities) and thus your scores go to the correct US Institutions (you save money)
  • We match your profile with the entry requirements of the Universities in the USA, getting you closer to securing admissions invariably. We check scholarship opportunities for you in the US Schools and you know that's helpful. Other factors that you list are also considered like location (like you may wish to go only to the East Coast or only in California or New York or you have a relative living in New Jersey), your budget, scholarship availability, academic scores in India, perceived test score (like GMAT, TOEFL, etc.), your work experience (if any), rankings and much more. We counsel you for programs at all study levels (Associate Degrees, Bachelors, MBA, MS, PhD, Internship Courses)
  • We provide discounted couriers to you, thanks to our tie-ups with leading courier companies

All in all, for the same process that you are going to perhaps do, we save as much money as possible for you while simultaneously ensuring that you apply to right Institutions

Our selection of Universities for you also include some of the dream study options in the US generally in the Top 10 or Top 20 Ranked Universities or Institute of Technology

Editing Essays and Personal Statement (Statement of Purpose): US Schools often will have topical essays as a requirement especially for undergraduate studies and MBA. Many MS (Masters) courses in the USA also have this as a requirement. If not, at least a Personal Statement (popularly known as SOP) is compulsory. To add, remember scholarship essays are very important too and can get you better value for your studies

How we help:

  • We help you with editing each essay and / or personal statement

  • Our services also extend to assisting you with scholarship essays

  • We provide samples of recommendation letters that your referees may wish to review before giving you a reference letter. We provide correct samples of essays, personal statement so that your work becomes easier

  • And mind you, if we feel that your work on essay or SOP has not been great, we will ask you to even scrap it and make a new one with our help (if needed)


Financial Documents: You need to gather the correct financial documents (may include bank statement, bank balance certificate, solvency certificate) while applying to US Schools. They need to check if you have adequate finances to join them and live in the US. Generally, the liquid and other assets you must show through appropriate documentation should be equivalent to your total cost of studying in the US (tuition + living) for the total course duration

How we help:

  • We understand your financial position and recommend to get the required documents only (again reducing time, money and efforts for you)

  • We guide you on how you could present your financial standing and how much should you show to make your application, a safe bet

  • We provide relevant samples of financial documents so that you could get yours easily


Scholarship Application: USA has been generous in providing scholarships to deserving students. Rather, should we say that most students who apply to the right US Colleges and Universities will secure some kind of scholarship, or bursaries, or even financial aid. Ensure that you are aware of any scholarship and funding announcements


How we help:

  • Our information resource keeps in touch with scholarship news and opportunities for students. We enjoy informing you!
  • We help you with making out scholarship application (if required by the US Institute) and/or editing essay that the US University would have asked for. There is always a word limit within with such essays must be written. These essays have to crisp, to the point and most importantly, should be submitted timely. We are these to assist


Sending Applications: Making out online or paper applications and sending the correct documents is the key if the University should have any intention of giving you admissions. Remember, US Universities have deadlines and documentation must reach the admissions office timely

How we help:

  • We make you do the online applications with us or help you filling out application forms at our office (in most cases). For students who have enrolled for online counseling, we are in constant touch with you through phone, email, chats. We provide you a time sheet that you must follow for best benefits

  • We check your documents and then recheck it before they are dispatched

  • We track your applications if they have been received at the Universities

Liaising with Universities and Securing Admission Decision: You must track the progress of your applications. Many Universities email you about some requirements and the chances are you would not check your emails. Stay alert!


How we help:

  • We liaise with the Universities on the receipt of applications and follow up on your admission decisions
  • However good someone is, some Universities always have additional requirements and/or require you sending another recommendation letter, etc. We are always there to track and assist you in speeding up the process of studying overseas
  • Many a times we have even assisted Universities in making decision on students application because we feel you stood a very good chance of admissions (if at all they have overlooked some information, as we think) or you deserve some scholarships

We enjoy being generous when it comes to 'value-adds'


Final Decision: Once you have collected your I20s from the Universities you have applied to, its time to make the final decision. Sometimes these decisions have to be taken even when you are awaiting a reply from some Institution. You must make this timely


How we help:

  • During the process, we obviously keep interacting with you and we are aware of the number of admission offers you have. We sit with you to finalize your University

  • We keep a track of when its best to take this decision because there are so many things still pending for instance your visa process, booking accommodation, flights and more

  • Our information resource is apt to assist you making the correct choice


US Visa (Student, F1 Visa): You need to fill out the visa form (s), with the correct information and ensure that you are prepared for an interview at the American Consulate. You must ensure that take the right date by which time you know, you would be 'good' with all your documentation

How we help:

  • We provide efficient visa guidance timely enough (during your admission process)

  • We help you fill out the visa form

  • We assist you in presenting financial and academic documents correctly

  • We do mock sessions with you and ask you a whole list of questions to be prepared when you face the D Day

  • We keep in touch with other students and / or agencies who have come across unique questions that may be asked to you, thus ensuring you are super prepared when you face some questions deciding your fate

Note: We are facilitators of the process as far as visa is concerned. We cannot guarantee a visa and it is absolutely in the hands of the US Consulate. We can only ensure reduction of errors on your part, which can never guarantee a visa. All we can say is our visa success rate to any date has never gone below 98%

Accommodation / Insurance / Flight Tickets / Foreign Exchange (Currency Buying) / More: You must reach your University timely. Going through the orientation (that US Universities organize) is of immense benefits especially when you have never travelled abroad before. Ironic but students get very nervous when they get their visa and they know they have to leave sooner

How we help:

Accommodation: In general, US Universities provide adequate information on accommodation when they send you your I 20. We try and decipher the correct information with you and provide suggestions on what to book. May be we can get you in touch with other students or our previous students and they can help. All factors in your interest are considered

Insurance: Students need a medical insurance before travelling to the US. Travel insurance may or may not be required. We assist you in getting the right one

Flight Tickets: You need to book your tickets in advance and time your travel correctly. We help you in that too (We cannot afford to run an airline, but we can recommend when it's time to buy a ticket). Furthermore, our 'flight partners' as we call them, can help you get discounted tickets

Forex: You will need this should you wish to spend any money in the United States. We are tied-up with leading forex exchequers like Thomas Cook, Cox and Kings, UAE Forex, who can offer the best rates available

Value-added Services: We offer many other value-added services like grouping you with other students travelling to the US, pre-departure brief (what to carry, opening bank accounts, safe methods of living, etc.), and much more

We don't think you require more but anything within our capacity, we are happy to offer. As we say, we enjoy celebrating your success! 'Total Solution' remains at the core.



Finally, you may wish to note:

  • We only take specific number of students for US Counseling. Thus, you may wish to register with us in advance

  • We have two kinds of packages for you: a. Total Package (where all of the above services are included) and b. Specific Service Package (where you can only select short-listing of Schools, and/or making applications and/or visa guidance, etc.)

To know more about the counseling packages we offer, click here


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  • Boston University
  • California Institute of Tech
  • University of California Los Angeles
  • UC Berkeley
  • University of Southern California
  • Dartmouth College
  • University of Florida
  • Gerogia Tech
  • Hult International Business School
  • Purdue University
  • MIT
  • New York University
  • Virginia Tech
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