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Ireland Visa Rule Changes for Indian Students

Update: 28th May 2019

Only those students who are applying under the Approval-in-Principle Scheme need to pay €6,000 and then they pay the remainder once they confirm their results with the Education Provider in Ireland. The visa will only be issued when they have paid the full fees.

Full fees are expected to be paid by all other students when they make their visa application. The Visa Officer will only assess study applications where a student has paid at least €6,000 towards their fee if it is under €12,000. If less than €6,000 has been paid in these cases the visa application will be refused. If the fee is more than €12000, the student must pay at least half of the total fee amount or the visa application will be refused.

The Visa Office will not issue an Irish student visa to any student unless they have paid at least 50% of the fee and their applications could be refused if they do not forward evidence that they have paid the required fee.

We recommend that it is best to pay the full tuition fee as mentioned on your offer letter before applying for the Irish student visa

Update for applicants who have already applied for their Ireland student visa:

The Irish embassy will hold any application who has not paid the required fee amount until 10 June 2019, to allow them time to pay the additional amount. If they have not received evidence that at least 50% of the fee has been paid by the 10 June 2019 these study applications will be refused.

Read the official update about the Ireland Visa Rules Changes here

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