What We Do

Everything that we do is for students and careers

ILW derives its competency from a panel that comprises of study abroad counsellors, career guidance experts, psychologists and faculty members with many years of experience in their respective fields.


ILW is one of the finest overseas education consultants guiding students wishing to study abroad. ILW guides right from start to end in the process of studying abroad in:

Our team of expert education counsellors counsel 1000s of students each year and have helped students to apply to nearly all top Universities in the world. Right from helping to decide whether to study in India or identify equivalent or better opportunities abroad to guiding right through the process of shortlisting the right set of Universities, assisting with applications, essay editing, helping with scholarship applications and essays, visa guidance, pre-departure briefing and more, our team ensures that students enjoy an experiential process and make the right career choice.

ILW has placed 1000s of students abroad and is continuing strongly

ILW represents a large number of overseas universities in India, making it easier for students to interact with university officials and get better admission results


Counsellors at ILW have guided students for nearly all programs, right from medicals & dentistry, engineering, information technology, law, business management to art & design, fashion, architecture, sports & exercise science, psychology, physiology, nutrition, or even gender studies. You name a program and we will identify the best suitable options for you.

Study Level

We have placed students for A Levels, Foundation, Bachelors, Masters, Masters (by research), and Doctorate (PhD) programs.


The biggest dilemma in the mind of parents and students is between ‘Studying in India vs Studying Abroad’, the pros and cons of making the final decision, and drawing the right career path. Our experts not only assist with selecting the right course but also help you draw a pathway for the next several years.

Career Testing: To guide students and parents, we conduct career guidance and career counselling for College and School students. Through standardized career assessment tests (aptitude test, personality test, interest test, projective test, career analysis test, more) and in-depth one-to-one counselling, we help parents and students make an informed choice about the future course and career selection.

Our discussions help individuals with: matching interests and aptitude, selecting the right course, reducing the load of entrance exams, school / college decision-making (for 8th to 12th std. students), stream selection (arts, science, commerce), making career change (for job professionals) and more



Students wishing to study abroad need to appear for standardized tests like SAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE. Our teaching experts help students gain the required score to make it to their dream Universities abroad.

Career Confusion? Or confused about courses after 12th, courses after 10th, or even after graduation?

To guide students and parents, we conduct career guidance and career counselling for College and School students. With the increasing number of careers and pathways to work towards numerous career options, career planning has gained enormous importance right since a student finishes grade 7. Through standardized career assessment tests and in-depth one-to-one counselling, we help parents and students make an informed choice about the future course and career selection. These exercises are NOT to gauge how intelligent or good a student is but are meant to help him/her eliminate confusion and doubts, and develop a career path which is the most suitable for the future both in terms of abilities and interests

To put it simply, our aim to make great careers

Following is the list of activities – a ‘step by step process’ followed by ILW to provide complete services and satisfaction to the students:


Principal student dilemmas affecting study decisions considering factors as:

  • Academic background
  • Future academic plans in terms of course and University / College (if any) and any specific preferences
  • Long-term career plans (if any)
  • Opportunities in India as compared to other Countries
  • Financial ability (budget) and work background

Students are many a times unaware about the existing opportunities in India. All relevant factors including the above mentioned are considered and discussed upon to arrive at a decision challenging the viability of studying abroad as compared to considering the same in India.


Students are assisted by the ILW team member in making a final choice in terms of the right course and the right University / College in a specific Country balancing the student’s requirements and the eligibility factor.
It is significant to understand various offerings of a country and University should the student need to be on the right path of achieving the long-term goal. Further, certain destinations are exceptionally known for their education relating to a particular industry for instance Switzerland for ‘Hospitality and Tourism’, etc.
60% of the problem that the students face is the selection of the ‘right mix’. Once this is achieved, admissions are the responsibility of ILW. Students not only save money in this process as the applications are only made to specific Institutions (considering the application fees that most Universities charge) but also save valuable time – perhaps a pre-requisite trait for any successful student


Editing essays is one of our fortes. Our team of editors who have had over 10 years of editing experience brainstorm with the student and helps bring out crisp and clear content which is really appreciated by Universities while making a final admission decision. Each essay / SOP is edited with no limit to the number of iterations.

Additionally, ILW also helps with selecting the right referees, discusses the content a referee could write and more.

ILW relishes the work of helping students with their scholarship essays in order to improve the chance of gaining some crucial funding.



A good application with all the required details and documentation:

• Creates a positive impact on the Institution, thereby increasing the prospect of securing admission and
• Also marginally reduces the inconvenience that might be caused to the University / College on account of reasons as missing documents, incomplete application, etc.

However, the students are often unaware about the application procedure and the documentation to be submitted. ILW team member assists all the students with the precise documentation that is required to be submitted along with the application forms. ILW team keeps regular contact with the Universities / Colleges regarding the status and progress of students’ applications. Therefore, ILW students are relieved of the follow-up activity.

Student could leverage the expertise of ILW team members to give them ‘the edge’ in this extremely competitive admissions process. ILW team members will assist the students edit their ‘essays / statement of purpose’ and provide insights on just the right constituents that make documents unique and personal. It is rather significant to note that the visa officer rightly needs to review all of the students’ documents (academic and financial), thereby making the documentation all the more significant.

ILW also sends its ‘recommendations’ highlighting individual students’ strengths, explaining reasons for a student to be granted an admission. Universities in general consider this in their decision. Some Universities request for consultant’s confidential assessment of the applicant / student. English language tests (IELTS / TOEFL) may be waived on the basis of satisfactory feedback of the student by the consultant


ILW keeps a track of various funding and scholarship opportunities which is shared with the students. ILW helps with making the scholarship application and/or editing of scholarship essays.

Nearly 70% of our students would receive some kind of funding from a foreign University. We have had many students in the past who have received complete financial aid (zero tuition fee).

We love it when YOU get merit scholarships!


Once the student has received an I20 or admissions offer letter from the University, ILW details its students with the visa procedure to be followed in the country and guides them in preparing the various documents required for obtaining a valid student visa.

ILW also counsels the students for their visa interview through mock interview sessions. With regular research on the different visa procedures and not underestimating the reviews of other students, ILW is in a better situation to guide the students at all stages.

ILW also assists in the booking of visa appointment, arranging of financial & other documentation, etc. so as to increase the chance of the visa



ILW follows a list of nationalized banks offering bank loans at reasonable rates. ILW assists its students with the entire procedure, starting from application to the required documentation, eligibility criteria and the selection of bank



A question that most parents wish to be answered!

ILW provides detailed information to the students with respect to their University accommodation booking and payment; in turn ensuring the students’ safety in an international country


Networking: ILW gets you in touch with other students going to the same country or university. It is always great to plan together and have a company while travelling

Pre-departure Briefing: ILW shares useful information with students about what to do before leaving India, what to expect when you reach a new land and more eg. Amount of forex to be bought, insurance and medical advice, opening a bank account in a new country, life and living in a new country and much more

Foreign Exchange Services: ILW has agreements with leading foreign exchange services which offer a discounted exchange rate on currencies, drafts, etc. The travel insurance and a whole lot of other benefits (value added services) are made available to the students

Airline Ticketing: ILW tries to work out the most reasonable rates with reputed travel agencies so as to reduce the expenses of the students wherever possible


This is the key. We keep in touch with our students. We learn about their experiences or keep helping them as much in our capacity even when they are abroad