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What is ACT?

ACT stands for American College Testing. IT is a standardized test for assessing college readiness, used for college admissions in the United States.


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All about ACT

ACT Exam Type: Paper based standardized Exam

ACT Administrator: ACT, Incorporated

ACT Registration: Online

ACT Fees: ACT with Writing – USD 86.50
ACT without Writing – USD 79.50

Other Fees may include:

Additional Score Report – USD 12
Telephone Re-registration – USD 15
Test Information Release – 20

ACT Skills Tested: English
Writing (Optional)

ACT Exam Used For: Undergraduate admission in United States and Canada

ACT Exam Duration: Total 3 hours 35 Minutes (Excluding Breaks)
English – 45 Minutes
Mathematics – 60 Minutes
Reading – 35 Minutes
Science – 35 Minutes
Optional Writing – 40 Minutes

ACT Score Range: Composite Score1 to 36
Sub scores for Each Subject – 1 to 18 (Excl Writing) in 1 point increments

ACT Exam Conducted: Unites Stated & Canada – Six times annually
Other Countries – Five times annually

ACT Grades Used by: Colleges & Universities offering undergraduate programs.

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ACT – Format & Timing

The ACT format and timing is simple and structured.  It consists of four multiple-choice tests: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science (Excluding Writing).  Although Writing is optional, many colleges specifically ask for Writing Scores. On the ACT, each question correctly answered is worth one raw point. There is no penalty for incorrect answers on the multiple-choice part of the test. Therefore, you can attempt all the questions without being worried for negative marking





Score Range

Benchmark Scores

Subject Content




1 – 36


·         Standard Written English

·         Rhetorical Skills




1 – 36


·         Pre-Algebra

·         Elementary Algebra

·         Intermediate Algebra

·         Coordinate Geometry

·         Geometry

·         Elementary Trigonometry

·         Reasoning

·         Problem Solving




1 – 36


·         Reading Comprehension




1 – 36


·         Interpretation Analysis

·         Evaluation

·         Reasoning

·         Problem Solving

Optional Writing

1 Essay Prompt


1 – 12

·         Writing Skills


Few Tips in while attempting ACT


ACT Exam – English:


  • Observe the writing style used in each passage
  • Study the elements included in the underlined portion of the passage. Questions will require you to base your decision on elements of writing, which the text should convey
  • Examine all the options among the choices given and examine how each differs from another. It may incorporate more than one aspect of writing
  • Conclude the best answer. The key is to mentally consider all the choices given and stick to the best one.
  • Recheck upon finalizing your answer



ACT Exam – Mathematics:


  • Understand the question properly before attempting
  • Use calculators wisely if permitted – check their batteries in advance to ensure its proper working condition
  • Locate your solution among the answer choices
  • Double check your calculations
  • Make sure the answer is reasonable


ACT Exam – Reading

  • 1st Mantra – Read the passage carefully
  • Consider all the options, before concluding your answer
  • Keep referring to the passage while answering questions


ACT Exam – Science:


  • The Key to all Formats – Read your question carefully
  • Refer to the scientific information provided in the passage while answering the question
  • Note conflicting viewpoints in the passage
  • Always refer to your concepts before answering


ACT Exam – Writing (Optional):


  • Read the instruction on the booklet carefully
  • Make a mental note of the structure of your essay – stick to it
  • Ensure your handwriting is legible
  • Do not lose focus – be clear with your argument and main idea
  • At the end, check for grammatical errors, punctuations and spelling mistakes.
  • Reread the entire essay to ensure it has significance to your ideas


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ACT – Test Location & Dates

The ACT Exam is conducted five times annually outside the United States, and six times in the United States. The test is always conducted on a Saturday. The test format is such that there is no advantage on taking the exam on a particular day.


ACT Exams Dates:


United States

Outside United States















Test Centers in India



Center Name


Indo American Educ Soc Satellite

Ahmedabad Gujarat

Ahmedabad International School


St Josephs Boys High School

Dehra Dun

The Doon School


Children Public School


Uniti Foundation


Swati Jain College


Kodaikanal International School


South City International School


The Millennium School Mohali


Lala Lajpatrai Inst Of Management


Singapore International School


Transitions Lab Univ Prep School


Woodstock School

New Delhi

U.S. India Educational Foundation

Pune Maharashtra

Mahindra UWC of India


Navrachna International School


Vignan Vidyalayam High School


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ACT Scoring & Results

The best feature for ACT Exams is no Negative Marking. There are two stages for determining one’s ACT Score.  The Composite Scores are in the range of 1 – 36 in one point increments.         

 Most scores are available online within two weeks from the day of the test. Score reports are released within 3 to 8 weeks within the test date. In case if you opted for writing test, score report will be released only after all scores are available.  Usual time range including writing test is 5 to 8 weeks.

Stage 1: RAW Score

 Simple formula for Raw Score

Total No. Of Correct Answers = RAW Score in each Section

 Stage 2: Raw Score à Scaled Score à Composite Score

 Once your scaled score is determined depending upon Raw score, The sum of Scaled scores in all sections divide by 4 will derive your composite score.  Decimals are rounded up to the nearest whole No.

Reporting your Scores:

You can have your ACT scores sent up to four Universities absolutely free! Requests can be placed even after your test.  Requests are processed after all the scores are ready.

Additional reports can be sent upon requests which are processed one week after the request date.  The repective Universities receive the reports in two weeks time from the request date.  The fee for sending an additional test report is $ 12 per report.

Priority Delivery is only available for locations in the United States, and are usually delivered in 3 to 4 business days from the request date.  The fee for these reports is $ 16.5 per report 


  • Request once submitted will not be cancelled or changed
  • As a standard follow up, universities/colleges will receive complete report, when ACT sends additional student reports. At least every two weeks

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Cancellation / Rescheduling / Retake ACT Exam

Cancellation of ACT Exam:

  • There is no flat way for you to cancel your Exam once registered.
  • One the registration fee is paid, on cannot get a refund for the cancelation of Exam – The student is marked absent

Rescheduling ACT Exam Date

  • Incase you decide to change your exam date, you will have to pay the basic fee all over again to register for the next date
  • If you have missed the deadline for the next available exam date, late registration will have to be paid along the basic registration fee
  • The ACT test date can be changed on the same day of the test as well by logging onto to your ACT account online.

Retaking ACT Exam 

There is no limit as such on retaking your ACT Exam.

  • Registration is same as was done for the initial test.
  • The retakes can be planned around the existing five days per annum.

 ACT Standby Testing: 

ACT Standby Testing is a facility for students who have missed their registration deadlines – even the late registration deadline.  It is a good option for students who are prepared for their exam but just dint register early enough.  Although there are terms and conditions applied for standby testing:

  • You will have to complete the registration process online as per the guidelines along with a standby request and submit it
  • The standby request will not be accepted later than eight days before a test date known as “Standby Request Period” and with an additional fee of USD 49 applicable.
  • However, even after placing the standby request, you are not guaranteed a seat on the test day. The admission to standby test will be on first-come, first-serve basis upon availability of seats.
  • If you do get a seat on the test day even after paying the standby fees, it cannot be transferred to another test date. Instead ACT will refund your fees paid for standby request.

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Quick Tips on ACT from ILW
  • Practice, Practice and Practice!
  • Relax on the day before the Test – do not stress yourself
  • Stay Calm and be positive
  • No Negative Marking – Make sure you attempt all the questions
  • Guess Intelligently with purpose
  • Read your questions with extreme attention to understand what is required.
  • Since the question have multiple choice answers – Choose the most concise answer
  • Be careful with the No Change answers in the English Section
  • Spend time with the Calculator wisely – permitted for certain questions
  • Remember – In Mathematics they are testing your mathematical reasoning and not calculations
  • Previewing, reading, and reviewing is your mantra to get the most out of each reading passage.

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ILW’s ACT Coaching in Mumbai

Quick facts on coaching:

  • Small student batches
  • Flexible timings – you can select during the week, in the weekends, in the evenings
  • Coaching can run from two weeks to 1 month (generally twice or thrice a week)
  • Additional hours are provided for students who cannot cope with the learning
  • Study material is provided
  • Free help with ACT registration is provided


Coaching and training for ACT is available at ILW. To register, contact +91 9820864001

Connect with us for a Free ACT Consultation Today!


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