Likely changes in Study Abroad scenario, post COVID-19 pandemic

Every day we see a growing number of universities suspending, or ending in-person instructions and replacing those with online teaching. Across Asia, university and entrance examinations have been delayed, which will eventually affect the 2020 autumn intake. Flexible application deadlines and a review of qualifying credentials will require re-evaluation of current recruitment and admission practices. What will Studying Abroad look like as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Some ideas are listed:


Online Learning

Many classes are likely to be online to deliver course content, to connect, guide and assess student learning. More creative online application is likely. Internships could go virtual – with a host company or organization located abroad.


Global Faculty Involvement

Students will be able to participate in education abroad within the classroom through virtual online experiences convened jointly with university partners from abroad, offering a global approach and understanding to course topics. Students will benefit with increase in academic and cultural resources and viewpoints, cross-border collaboration and a global curriculum.


Re-assessment of Syllabus

Presidents, vice-chancellors, provosts and deans will be forced to reconsider what part of their educational delivery will be offered in person and what part will be offered online.


Changes in Admission Process

Prior algorithms calculating expected yields of accepted students, may no longer be valid. College fairs may no longer be valid. Accepted student receptions and traditional orientation programmes may also no longer be valid.
We will see increased flexibility in the global higher education sector on application deadlines and delayed start dates.


Diversity in Student Enrollments

Colleges and universities worldwide, especially those heavily dependent on Chinese student enrollments, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, can no longer expect Chinese students to enroll in the numbers they have for decades. Colleges will be less likely to recommend, without reservation, future exchange programmes on Chinese campuses.


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