Discover American Collegiate Live – A new digital learning program

If you have already applied to or been accepted into one of the colleges or universities listed below, you can confidently begin your university program at home through American Collegiate Live and know that you will earn recognized credits toward your degree.
Innovative and timely, American Collegiate Live enables students to begin their degrees on time, in their home countries, without study delays or interruptions. Students take live, interactive, fully accredited courses from US professors, earning credits that transfer seamlessly into their chosen university. Courses are taught by faculty at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Benefits to Students

1. Get a head start on earning your degree or stay on track with your studies
Classes start as early as Summer 2020 from any location—no delays or interruptions
Earn both academic and English credits

2. Experience a digital classroom that rivals being there
State-of-the-art interactive technology means as much direct engagement with professors as in a standard classroom
Receive bilingual support for academic coursework with local counselors

3. Credits you earn are recognized across the US
All classes taught by top faculty at nationally ranked University of Massachusetts, Boston
Each course is broadly recognized at US colleges and universities and supported by ACT, the national leader in standardized testing

How it Works

Start your US university education journey with American Collegiate Live. Courses are taught by faculty at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. You can take courses to satisfy first-year requirements in:
• English reading and writing
• Mathematics
• Humanities, sciences, and more


Recognized Credits

All credits earned within the American Collegiate Live program are taught and transcripted by the University of Massachusetts Boston —a nationally ranked and regionally accredited university with wide credit recognition at colleges and universities throughout the United States and beyond. The following are examples of colleges and universities that have evaluated UMass Boston credits for transfer and have existing course equivalencies for the American Collegiate Live curriculum. Please note that the number of credits that are recognized by your destination university may vary based on university, track and English language proficiency.
Universities in bold have pre-articulated all of the credits earned in AC Live, and students will recognize 100% of credit-bearing courses at these universities:

Adelphi University
American Collegiate DC
American University
Auburn University
Boston University
Cleveland State University
DePaul University
Florida International University
Iowa State University
Louisiana State University
Marquette University
Mercer University
Michigan State University
Northeastern University
Ohio State University
The State University of New York – Stony Brook
of Central Florida
University of Cincinnati
University of Colorado – Boulder
University of Dayton
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Illinois, Chicago
University of Iowa
University of Kansas
University of Massachusetts, Boston
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
University of Mississippi
University of South Carolina
University of Texas – Arlington
University of the Pacific
University of Utah
…and more


Why students should enroll

Enrol for this innovative digital classroom experience, is designed specifically for international students so they can stay on track with their US university degree program, anywhere in the world, with no study delays or interruptions. Students learn directly from faculty at top-ranked universities and get more engagement than a traditional college classroom!
• Convenience—students can start their degree studies despite travel delays or restrictions
• Recognized credits—earn general education credits and work toward completing their bachelor’s degree
• Challenging classes—study English, writing, mathematics, and more in real-time with engaging US professors
• Ongoing support—bilingual student and academic services available with regional advisors

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