Five tips for coping with Coronavirus, moving back home

Five tips for coping with Coronovirus, moving back home

With the advent of coronavirus much has changed in the way that we live. If you’ve moved back home we’ve got some great tips and advice with how to make the adjustment.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the temporary closure of universities and borders which means that international students have had to quickly decide whether to stay in their study destination or get on a flight home. With this, comes panic and fear about giving the virus to family members and wanting to be around loved ones at the same time. Perhaps you’ve managed to move back home to wait out the coronavirus pandemic. First of all, you’re in a fortunate position as you’re able to be with your family at this worrying time. However, while there are positives, it’s also an uncertain situation and every household has its own set of concerns. If you can relate, keep reading to find out how to cope and avoid family conflicts.

1. Find time for yourself

You might be thinking, there’s no way you can keep peace and harmony while back home with your family.  However, there are ways you can avoid unnecessary arguments. Firstly, if you have the luxury of your own room or somewhere in the house that you can be by yourself, spend some time away from others. It doesn’t have to be for long, but it will give you some headspace and time to be quiet. Then, when you are around your family members, you will enjoy their company more and appreciate this time together. This space will also give you time to focus on your own wellbeing during the pandemic.

2. Be helpful

You might start behaving more like your younger self while living at home as you slip back into the family dynamic.  However, now you’re older and more capable of looking after yourself so try helping others with chores such as cleaning, cooking and shopping. This will make living together more manageable as everyone will be lending a hand. This is perhaps even more necessary at this time when your older relatives may prefer to stay home for their health and safety. We need to help each other through this time and who can really be bothered to argue about that pile of unwashed clothes?

3. Agree on the terms of being home

Although your parents have taken you in and might be more than happy to do so, particularly at this time, it’s a good idea to discuss each other’s expectations. Will you be paying towards bills or rent? Will they be hoping for more cooking and cleaning from you? Do they mind that you are perhaps not sure when you can return to your study destination? It’s best not to assume that you can crash in your home without contributing. As jobs are insecure and people are facing financial hardship, it will probably be appreciated if you can offer some sort of help, even if that just means clearing up after yourself.

4. Arrange some activities

There is so much advice online about getting creative during coronavirus. This is the perfect time to have some fun and take a break from your worries. How about a family board game or painting session? This type of activity is great for all ages and can be a way for everyone to do something a little different together. How about regularly watching a TV series in the evening? This way, you can spend your day on your studies or research and then you have something to look forward to once you’re done. These types of activities are also good for reducing stress and improving productivity.

5. Make the most of it

Don’t forget to enjoy this downtime! Although it may not have been in your plan to move back home, many people are having to adjust to new ways of living because of the virus. So, why not embrace the time that you have at home and think of the positives! Keep in mind that some international students were unable to return to their home countries for various reasons and will be missing their loved ones. Try to remember that you are with people who care about you and that your plans will resume. This is only temporary.

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