Tips on using digital education during lock down

Few tips to utilize the Digital Education during the lock down period

What is happening today was unimaginable even few months back, we never dreamt of being hit by a global catastrophe of this magnitude, an event which has changed our lifestyle habits in every possible aspect and cast its gloomy shadow on the entire planet. Now in this situation, all basic amenities and liberties which we otherwise took for granted like eating out, hanging around with friends, etc seem priceless, the entire world is virtually locked down and we have adapted ourselves to work virtually.

The only sound that pierces through this never-ending silence is the siren of police vans and ambulance on the streets who are selflessly doing their duty to keep us safe. This is an opportunity for us to self introspect and realize that life is not only about being happy in our own world and turning a blind eye to the eye to issues around us.

Events like this make us realize that we are part of a much larger global community and thus next time when we come across any environmental issue like global warming we will naturally pay more attention. As we fight our war against this global pandemic with all educational institutions shut down as a preventive measure, we cannot ignore the fact that young minds are forever hungry for knowledge.

With this backdrop, it is essential that we unleash the power of digital education and use it proactively to ensure that every student gets equal opportunity to optimally utilize their time and embark on a journey of self-learning and empowerment. Now when parents are working from home and simultaneously managing housework, it’s important that children also effectively utilize their time to enjoy the pleasures of self-learning.


  • Take your time: Since there is no peer pressure of someone breathing down your neck, this an opportunity to get your concepts clear, you need to be at ease with your learning curve which is rightfully unique to yourself.


  • Let’s get the basics clear: In any construction it is very important to get the foundation strong or else the entire structure is vulnerable, likewise in education getting the building blocks in place is the most important part of the whole process. In digital education, the objective is to first get the basics right so as to equip the student with the confidence to embark on a journey of self-exploration.


  • Switch between subjects: Don’t let monotony and boredom set in, keep shuffling between different subjects because studying one subject continuously at times lead to dip in interest levels.


  • Focus on takeaways: Whether it is your classroom at school or digital lessons at home the basic ways of learning will never change, please take notes so as to focus on your takeaways from a particular lesson.


  • Reach out: You can always discuss a lesson over a call or video chat, it also gives you the feeling of community learning and helps in making you more competitive and participate in the entire learning process.


  • Let’s revise: There are no substitutes for revision, please revise the topics at regular intervals to maximize the impact.


  • Be in the driver’s seat: Digital content is edited sharply and gives you a very quick grip in terms of covering the topic from a macro perspective.


  • Know yourself better: It is very important that you discover your strengths and developmental needs so as to accordingly formulate your recipe for success. Digital self study is an immersive experience almost like meditating.


  • No perception baggage: Online digital platforms gives you the opportunity to practice in a faceless environment wherein you won’t be judged by anyone


  • Love the experience: Look at the brighter side of things, you may miss your school and friends, but this is also an opportunity to spend time with your parents, grandparents and siblings, to really know them more and learn from their experiences before you again resume your pursuit for excellence.
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