Mahindra Group’s autonomous university in Hyderabad to drive interdisciplinary academic excellence

Mahindra Group plans to set up an autonomous university in Hyderabad. Mahindra University (MU) aims to drive interdisciplinary academic excellence, integrating the study of science and technology with the humanities, ethics, philosophy, and design. MU is part of the Mahindra Educational Institutions (MEI), a not-for-profit subsidiary of Tech Mahindra and would have new-age curricula curated to fully leverage emerging technologies like data science, blockchain and data analytics.


The 130-acre, multi-disciplinary campus in Hyderabad will offer undergraduate, post graduate and PhD courses. It includes the Ecole Centrale School of Engineering that was set up in 2014. The educational institution will strive to deliver a more balanced education, combining the latest technology with liberal arts, to create next generation leaders that have a holistic world view. As a part of the immediate roadmap, MU plans to launch the School of Management, School of Law and Indira Mahindra School of Education in 2021-22. Further, School of Media and Liberal Arts would be added in 2022-23 while School of Design in 2023-24. An estimated 4,000 students and over 300-plus faculty members will be in place across the various schools at MU over the next five years.


The university will also provide access to multi-disciplinary learning focused on leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and emotional intelligence which will help the students to develop new-age competencies and inculcate entrepreneurial thinking to enable them solve complex challenges faced by the society. The university will be a key enabler in providing a holistic educational and learning experience that involves analytical and design-led thinking, quantitative and creative problem-solving skills and a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. MU plans to bring the corporate and industrial ecosystems together through its Centres of Excellence. Students will have access to the Mahindra Group’s expertise through a Centre of Excellence, visiting faculty and other strategic engagements. Besides, students will be provided opportunities to interact with CEOs, CXOs of organisations across the country.


MU already has a Supercomputer Lab, a Centre for Artificial Intelligence, a Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure and Systems. Additional centres being considered include, the Centre for Computational and Experimental Mechanics, the Centre for Research in Optics and Photonics and a Centre for Executive Education.