Updates from Swiss Education Group (SEG) for hospitality students

Staying true to the excellence of the Swiss hospitality tradition, the Swiss Education Group (SEG) is a world-class hospitality education network. A few updates on July term break, logistics for September, October intakes, and SEG Health & Safety Guidelines below.


Term Break for Students Currently on Campus for July Term

If you are planning to stay in school during term break, please contact front desk to make necessary arrangements.

If you are planning to travel abroad during term break, please ensure you adhere to Swiss travel advice to ensure a smooth return.


Students Arriving to SHMS for September / October intakes

You may arrive on campus anytime up to 7 days before the start of the semester at no extra charge.


Students arriving to Cesar Ritz Colleges, HIM or Culinary Arts Academy for October intake

You may arrive on campus anytime up to 7 days before the start of the semester at no extra charge.


SEG Health and Safety Guidelines
In line with latest Swiss government advice, and positive feedback received from students and staff, we will continue to apply SEG Health and Safety Guidelines until 31st  August, at which point we will provide further updates.


Face Masks

In the interest of safety, and to lower the risk for the entire community, face masks must be worn by all staff, students and visitors in public areas, where a minimum distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained

Face Masks must be worn by all Staff and students participating in service and food preparation

Mask wearing is not mandatory in settings where social distancing of 1.5 metres can be maintained (e.g. big rooms, small group events, outdoor activities).


Daily Temperature Checks

Daily Temperature checks will continue for all staff, students and visitors. Checks are normally carried out at the campus reception area, after which, a face mask will be provided.


Classroom Management 

Face masks must be worn by all staff and students in class and moving between classes. Exceptions can be made when faculty can maintain sufficient social distance from students (1.5 metres), then faculty do not need to wear face masks.


Restaurant Management

Class group timetables are arranged to have a steady flow of students for meals and to optimise restaurant space

Face masks must be worn by all staff and students when moving through the restaurant.


Medical support 

Priority medical appointments are available for any student who require medical assistance – please contact Front Desk or Residential Management Team.


Self Quarantine

Any staff or student displaying flu like symptoms will be required to self-quarantine for 10 days.

Students who are worried that they may have flu like symptoms should phone the student counsellor and if not available, a Resident Manager who is available 24/7.


Visitor policies

All school visits are approved centrally by Victor Goncalves & Ronan Fitzgerald.


 Public Gatherings

We have minimimized large public gatherings and unnecessary social activities. Campus specific activities will be communicated to you by your Operations Director.


 General Safety Guidelines

Hand sanitizers and face masks are available to everyone on all campuses and in all administrative offices.

Additional cleaning is taking place in all public areas, particularly focussing on areas where numerous people may be touching the same item, i.e. door handles, work stations, etc.


Health questionnaire

Every visitor must fill out a “health questionnaire” before entering our campus premises.

No one is allowed on campus who shows symptoms of flu, fever (38°C+), breathing difficulties and/or respiratory problems.

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