Academic Writing

The schools and colleges in India and abroad have stringent requirements when it comes to the documentation aspect of the admission process. There are cases where a good student with good grades needs must produce an equally brilliant letter of motivation, statement of purpose, personal statement, all kinds of essays and other forms of persuasive formal writing to assure the college that they can articulate, comprehend and also, assimilate ideas with advanced proficiency in grammar, composition and precis writing. The question inevitably arises, out of the vast array of information that one possesses and has accumulated through life, how do we pick enough to convince without fawning or overcompensating?

WRITE-REVIEW-EDIT – ILW India’s pioneering three step process is the sure shot way to ensure that your documents accurately reflect you and to do so, we offer this service, either as a single serve (pick any one) or as a package (three-in-one). Please contact us to book an appointment with our counsellors to discuss your academic documentation requirements. We offer you concierge services with these services with a 48 hour turn around on the first draft for select documents and also, the freedom to review and edit as you like

Our Experience with Writing

Other than the fact that ILW India is a name to reckon with in the counselling vertical, our foray into writing has always been offered as a part of our counselling services. We chose to offer unbundled services such as academic writing, research writing, essay writing purely in response to the rising demand by students from IB schools, colleges and of course, students who wish to study abroad. Our Editorial team comes with rich experience and has successfully facilitated admits for Duke University, Harvard, Stanford, Case Western, UCD, ETH Zurich among several others.

If you have browsed any of our pages and not found a service that you need or would like to request for a service that we have not specifically cited on our page, write in to us or call us at 07050512345 or you can email our Resident Editor at [email protected] for a free consultation.