Online Counseling for Studying Abroad

Who can use our Online Counseling Pack?


Face-to-face discussions are good, but we believe that with everything shifting to the ‘cloud’ and easy method of connecting that are available (Phone, Emails, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, various VOIP calling), it has become incredibly easy to finish the entire application process online.

Working Professionals

Our Online Counseling Pack is especially useful to working professionals who cannot leave their office space every now and then to finish the entire personalised application process at our office

Students in Different Cities and Countries

Many students enrol for our services from different Indian cities and even from different countries. The time difference has never made any difference to them because we are always so accessible and connected. We have especially helped many students from UAE, China, Singapore


You will also find that most in-person counselling eventually becomes online counselling where students mostly prefer to quickly share information and updates through emails, phones, etc.

Who can use our Online Counseling Pack?

Postgraduate Applications

Whether you wish to study MS in US or MS in Germany, or an MBA or Masters in Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia or top MBA programs worldwide, we can help you finish the entire application and visa process without you having to visit us even once

Undergraduate Applicants

All undergraduate applicants whether you are doing your IBDP, HSC, A Levels, or any other equivalent qualification, you can use our Online Counselling Pack to apply to any country for any program or major. Whether one personal statement has to be immaculately done or editing of over 20 essays (like in the case of applying to US) is concerned, you will enjoy our smooth and time saving services

The idea about the Online Counselling Pack is to help you save your precious time while you working or are preparing for your examinations, writing your extended essays, pursuing your evening sporting activity or simply, the distance—if you in some other city!

How does the Online Counseling Pack work?

Getting Started – Assessment:

All prospective students are offered an initial 30 to 45 minute phone or Skype assessment. You discuss your profile with us and we have our set of questions. We also send a simple online FORM out to your email where we collect information like:

  • Your academic and / or work profile
  • Your standardized test score (GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE)
  • Your future plans and career interests (we also have our simple set of questions eg. your short and long-term goals, etc.)
  • Information about any other activities you have undertaken, budget, circumstances, experiences


We also request you to send us your updated CV (if you have one; we will anyway send out the right sample for you or smartly edit the one you have)


If you wish to go ahead with our services, you transfer our fee payment to us. We would work out the costs based on the requirements, countries you will be applying to, number of universities, understanding the overall scope of work, etc.


All of the above is done in about just ONE day!

Plan of Action and Shortlisting Universities:

We discuss a Plan of Action with you that may include:

  • discussing timelines (applications)
  • deciding on test dates (if you have not already appeared for one)
  • selecting recommendation letter writers
  • planning your applications (including if Universities are in multiple countries)
  • learning about and summarizing your strengths, weaknesses, skills, attitudes, values, USPs, experiences which can be well crafted in to top essays and SOP later


University Selection:

Using our extensive experience and research, we shortlist the right Universities for you marking them as: Ambitious, Moderate to Ambitious, Moderate, Safe – and provide you with any suggestions that we may feel are important.


We go back and forth (as many times) on the list to help you make the final selection of Universities



We send out samples of CV, recommendation letters, statement of purpose (SOP), essays, financial documents’ format, etc. at this stage

Application Process and Essay Editing:

We provide:

  • in a grid (eg. Google Sheets or Excel), all the required information including deadlines, links to entry requirements, application links, info. on no. of referees required, essay questions, essential info. about selected Universities, and any information that we feel will be relevant and important (you end up saving a lot of your time!)

We guide you with:

  • the application process for each University
  • financial aid and scholarship application
  • get you started with the application
  • checking of each application and rectifying any errors

Your CV also would have been edited and finalized at this stage.

Essay Editing:

We are brilliant at this! You must ask our past and current students.

Drafting the right SOP or crafting the right essays go a long way in helping you secure an admit from a top University or your dream school.

We brainstorm and provide you with the right tips. We critique your essays. We check every word to ensure that polished content can be made out of your written essay. Even if it means that you have to completely change the content, we edit it all and as many times. Indeed, through limitless iterations, we have been able to reproduce some of finest content for students. 


We do NOT believe in guiding you through or editing just one essay or SOP so that you can replicate it for all Universities. We help you customize each essay and SOP even if you are applying to 8 or 10 Universities.


Each time you write an essay, you send it to us with the University name, word / character count, essay content, and our expert editors take it from there. This process goes on until your last essay or SOP for each University and also for your scholarship essays.


Your first few essays or your first SOP takes time to develop. We have experienced that at least 5 to 8 times, we will exchange emails on reviewing, editing, refining the content to perfect level. We then bring each essay / SOP down to the prescribed word / character count. 

Interviews and Final Decision:

Our counsellors check each form and help you with the final submission before the deadline.

We provide mock rounds of interviews (over Skype, Phone, Facetime). Year on year 100s of our students reach the interview stage and we collect the list of questions.

We help you select the final University once you have received your admission offers. Often students face a dilemma at this stage when they receive offers from more than one University. 

Consider a situation:

Out of 8 Universities you have applied to, you receive offers from two of your top University choices. While University A (which was your first option) offers you no scholarship, while University C offers you a scholarship of about 40% of your tuition cost, which one will you select?

 We analyse all permutations and combinations and suggest our final opinion

Value-added Services:

We will help you do your financial planning eg. education loans, transferring payments to the University, documentation for visa process, etc.

 Our process team will guide you with the visa requirements, taking the appointment, preparing you for the visa interview (if required), and much more

 We will help you with accommodation booking, pre-departure briefing, insurance, etc.

You will be surprised

We Share the ‘Same Email Id’

You create a new email id only for the application process to which we have access to. This way, we can directly go online and check any queries sent by the University. That personal our service is!

Email Exchange

We have found that most of our students share/exchange between 100 to 300 emails with us. Sometimes for top University applications, it goes beyond 500. We reply to each and every email be it the tiniest of query that you may have

Student Connections

We have counselled 1000s of students online; we may not have even met them and they keep sharing suggesting our name to tons of their relatives and friends who end up taking our counselling. We are also in touch and pretty well connected with such students and we follow up on what stage of their careers have they reached

After Sales Service:

Most of our students would contact us with their queries either while they are studying or after finishing their studies to take our expert advice on various important matters. We simply help them without any charges if its within our capacity

Time and Cost Saving

Our students tell us that our Online Counselling Pack helps them save enormous number of man-hours which in effect directly results in to reduced cost of such highly experienced services

And all of the above can be done completely online!

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