Masters in Engineering Management in the USA

What is Engineering Management?

Engineering Management lies at the interface between engineering and business. It contains elements of both as well as subjects unique to its own area of study. Engineering Management is a specialized form of management that is required to successfully lead engineering or technical personnel and projects. The term can be used to describe either functional management or project management. Engineering managers typically require training and experience in both general management and the specific engineering disciplines that will be used by the engineering team to be managed. The successful engineering manager must have the skills necessary to coach, mentor and motivate technical professionals; skills which are often very different from those required the effectively manage individuals in other fields.

Major Subjects under Engineering Management

  • Marketing with application to Technology
  • Intellectual Property, Business Law and Entrepreneurship
  • Finance in High-Tech Industries
  • Corporate Finance
  • Operations Management
  • Statistical and Optimization Methods
  • Finance & Managerial Accounts

Duration of Masters in Engineering Management in the US

A full time MEM program in any reputed university takes close to 12 to 15 months to finish. The period may include compulsory internships or projects. In general, the duration remains in the above mentioned range in most of the universities.

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Top US Universities for MS in Engineering Management

Masters in Engineering Management, often referred to as MEM, is offered by a large number of US Universities. The list of some top US Universities offering the said program is listed below:

What is Master of engineering management programs consortium?

The master of engineering management(MEM) consortium is a highly selective and elite group of professional graduate programs to provide the right programs for the right candidate.

MEMPC members work as a consortium to provide guidance to high potential students to enlighten their right blend of technical and management to improve them and make them capable to lead companies of the generation ‘Z’.

The list of MEMPC members are:

Who should study Engineering Management?

If you have a passion for business and management after being a graduate of science or engineering, then engineering management is right for you. Engineering management will help you develop skills in business, technology management, and entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in technology leadership or a career in industrial management, high technology management, R&D management or technology entrepreneurship in a start-up company, then engineering management is best fit for you.

Many students, after studying engineering, realize that their passion lies in managing rather than working on the technical aspects for eg. coding. Engineering management combines a core management and business curriculum with technical education, allowing you to transit into developing a career in management even after studying engineering.

Advantages of studying Engineering Management in USA

  • Engineering management does offer a great level of job security
  • The salaries of good engineering management graduates in the US is high as compared to many other popular study destinations. According to a U.S. News and World Report article, engineering managers can expect to make a median salary of anywhere from $76,000 to $131,000 annually, depending on the field of engineering.
  • Engineering management allows you the shift from core engineering work opportunities to management area and move up in the corporate world
  • Financial engineering offers diverse job opportunities
  • Most Engineering Management degrees are STEM designated courses allowing international students to work in the US for upto 3 years

Careers after Engineering Management in USA

Graduates of Financial Engineering are one of the highest paid graduates and can look to develop their careers as:

  • Automation engineer
  • Chemical process engineer
  • Client services analyst
  • Construction project engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Director of hardware engineering
  • Economics consultant
  • Firmware engineer
  • IT manager
  • Job cost engineer
  • Material logistics professional
  • Plant manager
  • Processing engineering manager
  • Product engineer
  • Senior chemical, electrical, mechanical, or systems engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Technical consultant
  • Technology licensing specialist

and more

STEM Degree – Engineering Management in USA

MS in Financial Engineering at most US Universities is a STEM degree. This means, you can thus work in the US for upto three years. Learn more about STEM Courses in the US

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