Masters in Finance Engineering in the USA

What is Financial Engineering?

Financial engineering is the application of mathematical methods to the solution of problems in finance. Financial engineering draws on tools from applied mathematics, computer science, statistics, and economic theory. Investment banks, commercial banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, corporate treasuries, and regulatory agencies employ financial engineers. These businesses apply the methods of financial engineering to such problems as new product development, derivative securities valuation, portfolio structuring, risk management, and scenario simulation. Quantitative analysis has brought innovation, efficiency and rigor to financial markets and to the investment process. As the pace of financial innovation accelerates, the need for highly qualified people with specific training in financial engineering continues to grow in all market environments.

Financial Engineers use their skills to predict how stocks and other financial tools will perform, to manage portfolios and to assess the risk of investments. They use math and computer science to build models of trends in the stock market.

For more information, read about financial engineering on Investopedia.

Financial engineering is also known as financial mathematics, mathematical finance, and computational finance.

Major Subjects under Financial Engineering

  • Stochastic Models for Financial Engineering
  • Statistical Tools for Financial Engineering
  • Foundations of Financial Engineering
  • Financial Markets
  • Institutions and Risk
  • Optimization Models and Methods for Financial Engineering
  • Financial Engineering: Continuous Time Models, Data Analysis for Financial Engineering


Apply for MS in Financial Engineering in the US

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Top US Universities for MS in Financial Engineering

Some US Universities above will offer computational finance, financial mathematics, quantitative finance and risk analytics, mathematical finance, analytical finance, applied financial mathematics. You must check the program content. Most of these programs will be similar to the programs titled as financial engineering.

Who should study Financial Engineering?

If you have a passion for mathematics, programming and finance, financial engineering is the program you should study. Financial engineering will give you the means to analyze, evaluate and develop tools for dealing with today’s financial challenges.

Advantages of studying Financial Engineering in USA

  • Financial engineering does offer a great level of job security
  • The salaries of financial engineering graduates in the US is unusually high
  • Financial engineering offers diverse job opportunities for example in
    • Risk Management
    • Money Management
    • Derivative Pricing
    • Private Equity
    • Hedge Funds
    • Data Analytics
    • Technical Operational Areas of Corporate Finance
  • Most Financial Engineering degrees are STEM designated courses allowing international students to work in the US for upto 3 years

Careers after Financial Engineering in USA

Graduates of Financial Engineering are one of the highest paid graduates and can look to develop their careers as:

  • Account manager
  • Arbitrager
  • Commodities adviser
  • Development adviser
  • Fixed income analyst
  • Risk management analyst
  • Corporate Finance Adviser
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Credit Risk Manager
  • Financial Regulator
  • Derivatives Analyst

and more

STEM Degree – Financial Engineering in USA

MS in Financial Engineering at most US Universities is a STEM degree. This means, you can thus work in the US for upto three years. Learn more about STEM Courses in the US

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