Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligent (AI) is an area of study in Computer Science that focuses on creating computer systems that perform tasks that require human intelligence. It is the study of how to train computers so that they can do things which at present human can do better. AI is the theory or development of computer systems capable of performing tasks that would otherwise require a human brain, like decision-making and translating languages. An MS in AI is typically found within a university’s engineering school or computer science department. Knowledge of AI, machine vision and computer sciences knowledge can solve real world engineering problems including visual perception, decision-making, translation, and speech recognition.


Applicants to a Masters in Artificial Intelligence must have deep knowledge of Computer Systems and Physics, as well as languages like Java, Python, Lisp, Prolog, and C along with Linear algebra, Statistics and probability. Knowledge of Graphic modeling and Robotics will be an advantage.

Course Modules/Major Subjects:

Core and elective courses include:
Artificial Intelligence Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Innovation
Computational Logic
Statistical Learning Methods
Systems Engineering
Logic and Automated Reasoning
Data Analytics and Visualization
Search and Optimisation
Machine Learning
Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Deep Learning Foundations
Human Computer Interaction
Decision-making & Robotics
Data Management and Info Processing
Ethical, Regulatory and Legal aspects of AI
Perception & Language
Imperative computation, functional programming, sequential data structures and algorithms
Natural Language Processing


Most universities offer a MS in Computer Science, with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence. The degree may include a specialization in topics such as autonomous system design, multi-agent systems, machine learning, and cognitive robotics.

Universities offering a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Carnegie Mellon University
Stanford University
University of California, Berkeley
Harvard University
Yale University
University of Maryland at College Park
University of Texas at Austin
University Michigan at Ann Arbor
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
Colorado State University
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City
Rochester Institute of Technology
DePaul University
Boston University
Northeastern University
Illinois Institute of Technology
University of California at Irvine
University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill
Rice University
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Apply for MS in Artificial Intelligence in the US

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Career Opportunities after MS in AI:

Artificial Intelligence technologies are being increasingly adopted across a broad range of industries. Graduates from this course will be equipped with the advanced skills which could be applied to the security, marine, environmental and aerospace industries. MS in AI offers a wide range of career choices with job roles including:
Autonomous systems engineer
Machine learning engineer
Applied machine learning engineer
Data Scientist
Research Scientist
Big Data Engineer
Software Analysts and Developers
Computer scientists and computer engineers
Algorithm Specialists
Research scientists and engineering consultants
Video Game Programmer
One of the leading careers in artificial intelligence is that of a research scientist, commanding an annual median salary of US$90000-US$98000.

Who should study Artificial Intelligence?

Armed with a Computer UG, any candidate who has good mathematical skills, decent written and verbal communication skills, problem-solving skills, adaptability and teamwork skills would make a worthy candidate for a MS in AI.

STEM Degree – Master’s in Artificial Intelligence

Masters in Artificial Intelligence at most US Universities is a STEM degree. This means, you can thus work in the US for upto three years after studying MS in Artificial Intelligence. Learn more about STEM Courses in the US

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