Working in Ireland

Work AFTER Study in Ireland: On declaration of results, you will be able to stay back in Ireland for one year to seek employment. Once you get your job (and are earning Euro 30000 annually), you can apply for a Green Card/Work Permit

Work DURING Study in Ireland: Students can also work during the course of study in Ireland for up to 20 hours part-time per week and full-time (generally up to 40 hours) per week during vacation. Students can earn Euro 8 to Euro 10 per hour. Do NOT cross the limit. Do pay attention to studies and even social life. The more you network with people, the more you learn and hence, the better are your chances of securing a top job at a top company in Ireland

Duration and Entry: Mostly all Masters in Ireland are only of ONE year duration. Save time! Get in to your career early. Irish Universities accept students with 15 years of education and GMAT or GRE is not required to apply