New Zealand Tourism – that comes to mind when you think about studying in New Zealand isn’t it! Or perhaps you think about New Zealand as 2015’s Cricket World Cup finalists?

Here are our simple reasons to tell you that New Zealand can be your best study destination:

Top Education + Work during Study + Work after Study + Migrate


Safe to study in New Zealand: New Zealand is ranked the 3rd Most Peaceful Country, according to the Global Peace Index (after Iceland and Denmark). New Zealand people are approachable, very friendly and you will feel safe in New Zealand. New Zealand is clean, green and safe with some of the best and most scenic places to live around

Cost of Study in New Zealand: Both – course fees in New Zealand and living expenses in New Zealand are cheaper as compared to many other popular study destinations.

In the Mercer ‘Cost of Living Survey’ (2014), New Zealand’s major cities Auckland and Wellington were shown to provide a lower cost of living than cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, New York, Paris, London, Dublin, Moscow, Sydney and Melbourne

15 Years Education Accepted: If you wish to study an MBA in New Zealand or a New Zealand Masters, you can directly apply after your Bachelors. This means you will immediately start your Masters in Zealand in the same year that you finish your degree program in India

Work in New Zealand during studies: You can work up to 20 hrs per week (like most other countries) during study period and full-time (generally 40 hrs per week) during vacations (and it’s visibly mentioned on your student visa too). Bingo! You can take care of your living expenses this way (min. wage is NZ $12 per hour)

Work Permit in New Zealand after studies (Job Search Visa in New Zealand): After successful course completion, you will automatically get a 12 months to 36 months ‘Work Permit’ (in most cases, this will be done at your Institution). And do you know what? You can work full-time in any job of your choice. But remember, if you are aiming a NZ Permanent Residency, then you have to find a job relevant to your course (that you have completed in NZ).

Immigration New Zealand: Once you have finished your study in New Zealand, you may be able to work in New Zealand for up to four years, and after that, apply to work or live in NZ longer term. Your chances of getting further work are higher if you have the skills that New Zealand urgently needs. Here’s the skill shortage list check. All we can say is permanent residency (PR) in New Zealand is way easier as compared to most other countries

English Speaking: English is a daily language in New Zealand – Indian students find it easy to study and work

Quality Assurance: NZ government has appointed:

NZQA that is responsible for approving and registering all courses and national qualifications offered at polytechnics and private training establishments.

NZVCC that is responsible for approving all diplomas, undergraduate and graduate programs offered by New Zealand universities.

These bodies ensure the quality of education and determine the delivery of qualifications. You can rest assured that Institutions in NZ provide superior quality education and an experience of a life time. As a former British colony, NZ’s education system is based on the prestigious British system

New Zealand Visa: No personal interview is required unless there are some really unusual circumstances. Mostly, this is also done over the phone. And if you receive a call from the Consulate, you can always get back to them when the time is more appropriate (or if you were not busy)!

New Zealand Admission Counseling

In case you’re confused about your studies in New Zealand, we can help you solve the problem. Once we meet you, and your parents or spouse, we ask you questions to get a clearer idea of your preferences, restrictions, and goals. This will allow us to make a range of suggestions with regard to locations and universities. With more discussions we’ll help you pick between them and narrow it down to the right selection of safe, moderate and ambitions options. We will make your process of studying in New Zealand hassle-free.

We are experts at what we do. Since 2002 we have helped 1000s of students (personally). As one of the leading overseas education consultants in Mumbai, the collective experience of our team of experts go beyond a 100 years. Many of us have studied abroad and know exactly what your requirements will be, what kind of universities should be best suited for your future, what you need to do to get there.

We are extremely personal. Students ask us 1000s of questions and we enjoy replying to these. You will have one dedicated team member who you will be able to contact throughout the service. We don’t count the number of hours spent on you. We don’t shed away responsibilities. We work on your side and have just one thing in mind—to get you your best in your career.

We enjoy when you get scholarships or you save money. Over 70% of our applicants will earn some form of scholarship / financial aid / bursary.

We keep in touch with Universities. We keep in touch with our past students. We know exactly what a University will require or we can identify it very (very) easily. We help you build your profile, craft a great resume, and statement of purpose (SOP)/essays and bring out the best in you while presenting you to a University. Chances of your admissions evidently rise because we are around.

We help you right from start to end in the process ie. from selecting the right course and university list, documentation preparation, filling out and checking of forms, applying to universities, to securing admission offers, helping you finalize the best choice of university, visa guidance (including documentation, mock interview rounds, application), accommodation booking and much more. Hey! IELTS coaching is also available at our centre. We are brilliant with our essay editing services (remember – you will have to end up writing 18 to 24 essays when you apply to 8 to 10 Universities). We are simply there for everything! #enoughsaid

Mostly all of our students are through word of mouth. You will ENJOY your process and will not have to think how ordinary a question is while you ask us. We reply. We ensure that you remain satisfied. Nearly all our students would give us a 100/100 for our services.

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