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I am glad to have this opportunity to recommend XXXXXXXXX for admission to your university. XXXXXXXX has worked as an XXXXXXXXXXXX at XXXXXXXX for the past XXXXXX months under my supervision. I am a XXXXXX of the firm, XXXXXXXXXX, a firm XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. In the course of XXXXXXX’s work with my firm, I have seen the commitment, enthusiasm and drive to achieve goals that speaks of ambition and a testament to his caliber which is yet to be tapped. I hope that in his quest for higher education, XXXXX is best able to hone his talents to become the finest XXXXXXXXX that he can possibly be.

Employed as XXXXXXXX, XXXXXX assisted in accomplishing the task of XXXXXXXXXX, with little training and soon, he could complete the set up as well as a seasoned professional. Along with this, he was also responsible for communicating with various clients with regards to their business needs and suggesting solutions as per our business strategy. He also had the task of managing small projects and collaborating with his colleagues to prepare layouts and monitor project schedules where he has proved himself to be an adept project manager with strong leadership qualities. XXXXXX demonstrated the ability to manage multiple tasks and accomplish goals efficiently in due time. His work performance is above reproach and the discipline and dedication that mirrors in the quality of his work is stellar. Simply based on my observations, I can say with confidence that he will have great success in his future endeavors.

XXXXX’s role as an XXXXX demanded that he work with a wide range of people and this can be taxing too but he was at ease and enjoyed the work as well as the diverse employee profile. Owing to his personality, he was able to accomplish cross team functionality, with relative ease. He always maintained a positive attitude while dealing with both his superiors and colleagues. After XXXXXX months in this company, he has proven himself a valuable member of our company with great ideas and bankable skillsets that I could always use in my firm.

XXXXXXX has had to travel frequently for work and was flexible in his routine and would adapt to new surroundings, which is why I am sure he will have no trouble in adjusting to the new environment when studying abroad. I have found him to be an extremely reliable and helpful member of my team, which makes him a true asset for any team or company he opts to work with. In fact, he is welcome to rejoin our firm after his studies, if he desires so. I assure you that he is well prepared to undertake this course of study and I endorse his bid for admission wholeheartedly.

I wish XXXXXX all the success in his future endeavors




The Committee,

Undergraduate Admissions

I take this opportunity to recommend the candidature of Mr. XXXXXXXX for admission to your esteemed university for undergraduate study. I have known XXXXXXX in the classroom as he has been my pupil for the subject ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXX’, that I have lectured his class in the XXXXX year. Having ascertained his mettle through my interactions in the classroom, I can say with confidence that XXXXXX is a confident, eloquent and scholastically inclined young man, with a bright future ahead of him in the field of XXXXXXXX.

In the classroom, XXXXXX was well able to grasp the concepts like _______________, ________________, __________ and ____________  which have given him a firm grounding in the subject matter and he has demonstrated his understanding through successful execution of projects and assignments, to my satisfaction. XXXXXXX exudes self-confidence and has consistently demonstrated strong work ethic and dedication towards his academics and presentation’s during the past year in the college. It is this learning that has earned XXXXXXX a XXXX SGPI in SEM 1 and XXXXX SGPI in SEM 2, a remarkable grade.

In continuance, I have observed that he constantly makes effort to expand his knowledge and experience.  XXXXXX is always courteous in his approach with excellent listening skills and the ability to quickly grasp  concepts. He is self- motivated , can inspire others and has been very supportive when it comes to sharing his knowledge with his classmate. XXXXXX  is a positive individual and humble too, always trying to improve his scope and build on his skillsets, traits that are essential to the learning process. I am confident that he will continue to display the same commitment and diligence in everything he does throughout his academic and professional career and he is in every way a meritorious student and I endorse his bid for admission.


Name of the Professor

Designation, Department

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Respected Chairperson of the Graduate Admissions Committee,

It gives me great pleasure to endorse the candidature of XXXXXX for admission to your university for the Master’s degree in XXXXXXX. I have been closely acquainted with her in the past XXXXXXX of her undergraduate degree as I have lectured her class in the subject _____________. My observation is that XXXXXXX is innately intelligent, hardworking and sincere student and she has done extremely well in her academic career and I am certain that she will continue to excel in her graduate studies as well.

Apart from academics, XXXXX takes a very keen interest in extra–curricular activities and leadership role. Her interest in extracurricular activities has been varied: her keen affinity to entrepreneurship was reflected in all events at the department. I would like to highlight her main strengths to give you an insight into her academic potential and personal profile. XXXXX is gifted with a sharp mind capable of theoretical assimilation and practical application where once in class, I have seen her demonstrate these qualities in a class discussion on the concept of _______________ where she ingeniously proffered an analogy to ease the understanding of the students.

XXXXX is an above average student who has the potential to thrive under the right guidance and academic environment. She has a good command over the English language and can express herself with eloquence. Her remarkable academic progress can be pinpointed to attentiveness in the lecture room and sincerity towards her academic endeavor.  Beyond a doubt, this young lady will be well suited to the rigorous and specialized course at your university.

I recommend XXXXXXXXX for admission to your esteemed institute and I assure you that she will exceed your expectations and also, contribute to the campus diversity. I am certain that she will prove herself as one of the most talented and academically gifted students in your class. I wish her very best in her future endeavors.





Respected Admissions Committee,

I take pleasure in recommending XXXXXXX, my student at the XXXX  University to whom I have taught various subjects like XXXXXX, XXXXX and XXXXX as well as XXXXX, as part of the curriculum for undergraduate study in the Bachelor of XXXXXXXX. In the course of my lecturing and other campus interactions, I have observed XXXXX to be a pleasing, diligent and industrious student of good academic standing, which I will further expound below. It is in light of my observations that I recommend XXXXXXXXXX for admission to the undergraduate/graduate study program herewith.

I have conducted the lectures and practical discussion sessions for all the subjects mentioned above. XXXXXX has been an attentive student throughout the lectures and he was immensely keen in learning new concepts and more eager to apply them during practical classes. He has been participatory during the classes as well and does not hesitate to seek clarifications, when needed. He is adept in the concepts of each of the subjects that I have taught him and his remarkable grades reflect his talent. He is also distinguished in his accomplishment of being among the few trainees to have cleared the rigorous process of pursuing an internship at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I believe that his work was highly appreciated by the company and his maturity and commitment are praiseworthy as is his expertise in applying classroom concepts to engender XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

He always emerged as the leader during the various group assignments and came with the best group presentations in the entire class. This enhanced his team leadership skills and conducting advanced analysis on the assignments. I could see that he motivates his teammates to meet deadlines without compromising on the quality of the assignments. He also attended a workshop on XXXXXXXXXXXX in which he learned about the importance of XXXXXXX.

I have also found him to be a smart and eager student. He showed interest in learning new concepts. I have seen that he is very fascinated with technology and which was reflected during the time we were studying the importance of XXXXXXXXXX. He shared his views on the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. He even keeps himself occupied by learning about new developments taking place in businesses. I remember once he told us about XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, which was a novel idea and one that demonstrated his keen intellect.

Furthermore, I have watched him succeed in building his talents and skills from a shy freshman on campus to a confident, well-spoken and sanguine individual who won the first position consecutively in the annual college fest’s event XXXXXXXXX. I had the opportunity to interact with him much more during various extra-curricular activities like the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in which he also acquired XXXXXXXXXX. From our regular discussions, I have observed his eagerness to gain more knowledge of the reforms taking place in the current business environment.

Given his mettle as a student and confident in XXXXXXXXXX’s ability to employ his learning to the real time business workings, I can confidently endorse his bid for admission to the graduate program at your esteemed varsity and assure you of his merit as well as his leadership potential and soft skills.


(Designation), XXXXXXXXXX University.
























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