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Why Study In Germany

Zero Tuition Fee

Zero Tuition Fee

Courses in English

Courses in English

 Work During Study

Work During Study

Internship (in some cases)

Internship (in some cases)

Work After Study

Work After Study

Free Education

Study in Germany is FREE ie. you may not pay any tuition (course) fee. Yes you heard it right! Most Universities in Germany do not charge a tuition (course) fee even from international students. You may only need to pay a tuition fee of Euro 200 to Euro 500 per semester. There are some Universities in Germany that do charge a tuition fee but the cost of study is still very low we think ie. about Euro 10000 per academic year.

German Federal Government has been funding primary to University Education at public institution. In 2010, 5 of the 16 states of Germany charged tuition fees at state funded German institutions while 11 out of the 16 states still provide tuition free of charge.

You may only end up paying for “semester contribution”, which ranges between Euro 200 to Euro 500 from one German University to another

Global Recognition

German education system is one of the oldest in the world. Globally, Germany ranks 3rd in attracting international students. Germany degrees are very well recognized in India.

Work During Your Study In Germany

As a student you are permitted to work for a total of 120 full or 240 half days per year. 8 hours normally constitute a full day in Germany, so 4 hours are one half day, though 10 and 5 are possible as well according to the law – if that is the normal working day in that company

Work After Your Study In Germany

A student is allowed to stay back in the country for 18 months on temporary work visa to look for a job and work full-time. You do not need to have job offer in hand to apply for the 18 months extension

Internship / Paid Project Work

Universities at the undergraduate level especially, encourage students to take up internships so as to understand real-time work experience and thereafter you could resume your studies. At the postgraduate level, you will find find German Universities offering paid project work or thesis work.

Companies usually pay students ranging from Euro 600 to Euro 1000 per month. If internship is a part of the course curriculum and is mandatory as mentioned in the course, then the student could do an internship in addition to part time job during the same financial year

Courses In English

At all levels–Bachelors, Masters, MBA–you will find top universities in Germany offering programs taught in English language completely

“Germany is the land of ideas, and we believe the country is an absolute heaven for tech students from India”

Study Hub

Germany is a study hub for international students. In nearly 400 Universities in Germany, you will find about 12% population of students to be from international countries.
Germany is ranked as 3rd in the world to attract international students

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