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Why Study In UK

Quality British Education

Quality British Education

World Renowned Universities

World Renowned Universities

Courses of Shorter Duration

Courses of Shorter Duration

English Speaking Country

English Speaking Country

Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

4 Months Additional Visa after Course

4 Months Additional Visa after Course

So why select to study a British Education? When we ask these questions, some interesting answers that we get include:

Because my friend or relative has recommended

– Aha! Super reason

Because its LONDON you see!” – Hmm. Well that’s a better answer!

London’s a great capital city. UK though also has Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Birmingham, Bath, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff and such top cities to live and study in

Alright! Here are some reasons that we believe are important to study in UK

Academic Excellence:

The world knows about it and we believe you are no exception. One crucial information we must add is that all nationally recognized UK qualifications are subject to strict inspection and quality standards by respective national quality assurance agencies and funding councils (QCA, ACCAC, CCEA, SQA, QAA, RAE). These abbreviations make no sense to you right now we understand, but sooner rather than later, they will. All that you need to do is be able to select the right course and the right Institution

15 Years Education Accepted

If you wish to study an MBA in UK or an MS in UK, you can directly apply after your Bachelors. You can immediately start your Masters level study in UK in the same year as you finish your degree program in India since the Indian 3 years Bachelors is accepted by all UK Universities

Duration of Courses in UK

Save time studying quality education in the UK:

  • 1 Year Masters in UK: All Masters in UK (incl. MBA in UK) are of just one year duration. You save a valuable year so that you can get in to the industry early
  • 3 Years Bachelors in UK: You can also finish most under graduate UK degrees in 3 years (incl. engineering) which are generally 4 years in other Countries
  • Sandwich programmes in UK (Work during Study): During your Bachelors, you can get this unique opportunity of working for an additional year (generally as your 3rd year) and resuming your studies (in the final year). Almost all UK Universities for many programmes offer this. Hurray! They help you get your work in the UK and you are paid for it too. Thus, you can both, study and work in the UK. More importantly, it’s the advantage of working in the UK, building connections during that year and you never know, the same company might want to offer you a job after your finish your Bachelors in the UK
  • Integrated Programmes (Bachelors + Masters): Nearly all UK Universities will also offer Integrated Masters with Bachelors. This means that students can directly apply for a Masters level programme after finishing their A Levels or 12th std. in India. eg. MEng Mechanical Engineering means you study Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering for 3 years and progress on to Masters in Mechanical Engineering for 1 year

Part Time Work in UK:

You can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week during your course and full-time (generally 40 hours per week) during holidays. You can generally take care of your living expenses this way (Do not cross limits please, do not over work….. it is not legitimate).

English Speaking Country:

Where better can you learn more of this language? Communication is the key. You will only become better at it during your stay. Effective networking is a super added benefit because of the English language which must help you in the future. Evidently, when you decide to study in Europe, studying in UK becomes everyone’s first choice more often than not

Courses in the UK:

Simply, you name a course at any level and the UK has it on offer, with quality. Most UK courses are very industry focused, thus justifying your investment.

Students could specialise in anything from marketing, finance, logistics, computer games programming, ocean engineering, satellite positioning technology or sound engineering to multimedia design, anthropology, cross-cultural psychology, hotel management or dance. Have you heard about art history or genetic counseling? Or have you ‘witnessed’ anyone studying ‘pottery’? Well, we have. We have even had students who have opted to study Gender Studies in the UK

Business schools in the UK have been extremely recognized all over the world to produce highly respected personalities and MBAs.

Safety in UK :

UK is probably one of the safest places in the world to study. You will find one odd relative living in the UK somehow. But even if you do not, Institutions are always there to help. Health Insurance in the UK for international students is one of the cheapest in the world when you compare to other top study destinations.

UK Student Visa Rules:

UK student visa (Tier 4 visa) process is fairly simple and documentation is not too cumbersome. There is a UK priority student visa application possible, where the UK embassy tries to provide a decision on the UK visa application in 5 days


Not speaking about London when we are talking about studying in UK is just not done!

  • London houses top UK Universities like London Business School (LBS), London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Queen Mary University of London, University College London (UCL), Imperial College London, King’s College London, City University London, Brunel University London, University of Westminster London and more. City of London offers just the perfect set of Universities to apply to. London has over 45 Universities
  • London is home to over 200000 international students from 200 different nations. London ranks 1st amongst the most International Cities in the World
  • 70 Nobel Prize laureates have studied or worked at a London university
  • There are over 1,000 museums and galleries in London, over 100 parks to enjoy, over 350 live music venues, over 5,000 restaurants to enjoy food, over 7,000 bars and pubs to have fun. Well, then there is also The Big Ben and The London Eye


  • It’s just so multicultural in the UK (with more than 100 ethnic groups)
  • It’s the gateway to continental Europe and just so easy to travel around. Students get excellent discounts on travel fares (even on movie tickets)
  • 70 Nobel Prize laureates have studied or worked at a London university
  • If you need more, re-read this page…..

Wish to study in the UK – Our Success Speaks:

  • 100% of our applicants obtain admissions in UK Universities whether it is to study MBA in UK, MS in UK or Bachelors in UK
  • Over 70% of our students secure admission into the Top 20 Universities
  • Over 50% of our students also obtain admission into Top Universities Worldwide while they apply to UK Universities
  • Over 70% of our students obtain university scholarship at the time of their admission to UK Universities
  • In the last 5 years, 100% of our applicants have obtained their UK student visa. Our UK visa success rate in the last 15+ years has been near 99%
  • We represent a large number of UK Universities and our connections are very strong to get you the perfect information that increases your chance of admission to UK Universities
  • You will also be counselled by one or more of our team members who have previously studied in the UK

We’ve helped students apply to some of the finest UK Universities including: LSE, LBS, Oxford, Cambridge, Cranfield, Imperial, UCL, Manchester, Warwick, Bath, Leeds, Nottingham, Bristol, Queen Mary University of London, King’s College, London College of Fashion, CSM, Exeter, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Queen’s University Belfast, 100s more